Dental implants are artificial tooth roots shaped like bolts that are implanted into the patient’s jaw to replace the roots of a missing tooth. Dental implants are implanted into the jaw through a dental implant surgical procedure. The dental implant will then be fitted with a denture crown to replace the missing tooth. Are you a person who wants to do dental implants? If so, you can do it safely at best dentists fort worth.

The advantages of dental implants over dentures are:

• Dental implants make it easier for patients to chew food, whereas dentures can shift while eating.
• Dental implants provide more comfort than dentures because they are firmly attached.
• Dental implants will not change the patient’s appearance because they feel like real teeth.
• Dental implants will not cause speech difficulties in the patient like dentures, because they will not shift during the speech.
• Dental implants are placed without having to shift or change the position of the remaining teeth. This can improve oral and dental health compared to using dentures.
• Dental implants usually last longer than dentures.
• Placing and maintaining dental implants is not as complicated as dentures, because it does not have to remove and apply adhesives like dentures.

Dental Implant Warning
Before deciding to have a dental implant, the patient will be given the option of having a denture or dental implant, with several factors to consider, including:
• Location of missing teeth.
• The quality of the jawbone to be fitted with the dental implant.
• The patient’s general health condition.
• Cost.
• Patient wishes.

Dental implants cannot be done by just anyone. A patient must have at least the following conditions to allow dental implants to be placed:
• Has a fully grown jawbone.
• Have healthy mouth and gum tissue.
• Do not have conditions that interfere with bone growth and health.
• Has a jawbone that can hold the dental implant and bone graft that will be placed.
• Have a strong commitment to assisting the healing of teeth and bones for several months after dental implant placement.

Meanwhile, people with the following conditions are not allowed to undergo dental implants:
• Have diabetes or heart disease.
• Are undergoing radiotherapy to the neck or head area.
• Is a heavy smoker.
• Not having gums and jawbone healthy enough to fit dental implants.


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