Customize Movie Genre With Your Personality

Many people think that watching a movie is a regular activity that does not really affect your personality side. But, it turns out the movie selection shows the side of your personality. In addition, many people who think that watching movies can only be done in theaters. In fact, in fact, there is now Movies HD that you can see on your phone with download the application and you can watch all your favorite movies there. So you do not have to queue at the cinema to watch all the movies you want to watch.

The selection of the movies you watch has also affected your overall personality, for example

– Animation, this movie genre is never out of every aspect of life. Various countries also produce this film to sell in the market. The audience was easy to choose the animated movie which they will watch. People who like to watch movies of this type usually laugh, and have a relaxed and funny personality.

– Drama, the emotion that is spent when watching this movie makes someone who loves watching this movie dare to face challenges and reality in life that is never easy. In addition, they also do not hesitate to provide support and honest ideas for the people closest. They also usually have an easy heart to forgive.

– Action, almost every movie with action genre presents an adventure that can get you into the story. people who love this movie will usually always fight for something with maximum effort. If there is desire, they will not hesitate to make it happen.

– Horror, this movie genre is quite challenging and frightening because of the unusual storyline and make you surprised throughout the film. Someone who likes the genre of this movie tends to be stronger in the face of fear.

All the genres of the movies you watch have an effect on your personality, but the most important thing of all is when movies can make you more relaxed and calm than ever.