Consider 5 Things Before Purchasing the Violin

There are many reasons why beginners should buy a cheap violin first. Beginners usually do not pay much attention to sound quality, which is important he can play some songs or master the technique. We also will not regret if the violin is not used anymore because suddenly lost the spirit of learning violin. But you should not choose a violin that is too cheap because it is probably not too good quality. However, it all depends on budget. If you have enough money to buy a better one, why not? The important origin of the quality is proportional to the price, not to buy expensive quality was disappointing. Cavalier or Cremona are some of the recommended violin brands for beginners. If you want to deepen your knowledge of violin games, you can watch you are the reason cover on Youtube.

Here are some things you should look at when you buy a violin:

1. The size of the violin

The size of the violin is mixed. The largest size 4/4 or called full size. This size is not recommended for children. For adults, choose 4/4 or 3/4 size.

2. Quality of wood

For instruments such as violins, wood quality is critical. Not only sound quality, endurance is also influenced by the type of wood. If the wood quality is bad, the violin is easily damaged.

3. Violin strings

The violin strings are divided into three types. The most expensive and difficult to maintain name gut. The second, steel. The third, the synthesis string. The last straw is able to produce a clear and soft tone. For beginners, the synthetic type strings are recommended.

4. Completeness

In addition to the bow and violin, there are several other accessories that should be provided as well, such as guard chin, shoulder rest, violin bag, and rosin.

5. Buy in a trusted music store

Buy stuff only in trusted stores! It’s a standard advice when buying a violin. No problem buying in a place that has not got a reputation, if we do understand the violin or bring a friend who understands the violin. If not, it’s good to buy in stores that already have a name. This is to minimize the risk of buying violins whose price does not match the quality.