Comfy rental space with a modern concept in Singapore

When you decide to go abroad, for example Singapore, you definitely choose a place to stay for there. Choosing a comfortable place with complete facilities is not easy, although there are many choices of rental rooms in Singapore. Rooms with classic and modern concepts are often chosen because they make the tenants more comfortable. You also have to pay attention to the security facilities offered and the budget you have. Well, here are some choices of room for rent that have a modern and comfortable room concept for you.

1. Yishun street 21 yishun gardens

This place is rented specifically for women. This place has a cheap and clean price. This place has a short rental period, at a cost of 375 Singapore Dollars. This place is equipped with furniture, so it will add to the comfort of tenants. This place is located at 219 yishun street 21.

2. Jurong east / Tohgan 288 C Big Common Room

This place is rented for both men and women who want to live in Singapore. This place is located on Jurong Stree East street 21. This place has complete facilities and the rental fee is 600 Singapore Dollars for a one-year lease period.

3. 280 Toh Guan Road Toh Guan View

This place only accepts room tenants for women only. In this place have enough facilities with AC. The rental fee is 600 Singapore Dollars for a one-year lease. This place is located at 280 Toh Guan Road with a strategic location. Besides that, this place is also guaranteed to be clean and neatly arranged.

Thus are some comfortable room rentals if you want to visit Singapore. Some of the places above are recommended places because they have complete facilities and clean rooms. These places also have cheap prices rather than the apartments. Hopefully this article useful for you.