To get rid of dirt on the carpet, of course, it’s easier if you use a special carpet cleaner or using the service of The Hills Carpet Cleaning. However, there are various types of carpet cleaners available on the market, ranging from adhesive types, roller types, powder types, and also spray types. You certainly confused about choosing it, right? Carpet cleaners can be divided into four types. The method for using each type differs depending on the level of impurities and the method of use. Let’s learn more so you can choose the most suitable for you.

Choose the type of adhesive to remove dirt stuck in the carpet. The adhesive type is a carpet cleaner that is used by rolling the adhesive tape to the carpet so that the dirt will stick to the tape and lift off the carpet. Besides being able to clean hair, pet dander, dust, and the like, this type of adhesive is also suitable for use in cleaning solid impurities such as food debris and soil. Most adhesive-type carpet cleaning products are usually equipped with storage containers. Check this storage box carefully so that you are not disappointed later. Low-priced products are usually packaged with thick plastic containers that can be opened and closed, but usually, the durability is not very good after being used several times.

The type of roller on carpet cleaners is similar to the etiquette brush commonly used to remove dust from clothing. Not using adhesive strength, but this type of roller uses special materials to make rubbish and dust stick. This type can clean pet hair that falls out, dirt that is on the surface of the carpet, as well as clothing fibers. If you are worried that using this type of adhesive can damage the carpet, just use this type of roller cleaner. In roller-type carpet cleaners, there are T-shaped products that resemble the head of a vacuum cleaner and there are also box-shaped products like blackboard erasers. Both can clean easily but certainly differ in ease when holding it. We recommend you to choose products that are easy and comfortable to hold. However, it is easier to use professional help because they have all the equipment needed.

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