Important CBD antioxidant effects – effects that might make CBD an effective agent to protect the nervous system, especially the brain, from the damaging effects of oxidizing agents such as excess free radicals. Free radicals, highly reactive substances, are usually produced by mitochondria in almost every cell of the body and there are natural antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, glutathione, and plant flavonoids and phenols that can “absorb” these free radicals. If free radical levels are too high, they bind to proteins and DNA in cells and can damage them, which causes cellular and organ dysfunction. It is believed that several neurological and other abnormalities are caused by high levels of free radicals in the cells, tissues, and organs of the body. Meanwhile, if you want to get the benefits of CBD, we suggest you only buy trusated brands of CBD Oil.

These include dementia, cancer, asthma, diabetes, degenerative eye diseases (eg macular degeneration), and cardiovascular disorders. Any substance with significant antioxidant activity must, at least in theory, protect it from this disease.

This antioxidant activity can make CBD useful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, other dementias, and diseases such as Huntington’s chorea and Parkinson’s disease – although it should be noted that in some cases of Parkinson’s disease, people have experienced symptoms that worsen with the use of CBD.

Then, the research carried out to date is very preliminary and limited. These studies have been carried out in cell culture (in vitro) and several animal models.

There seems to be some effect of apoptosis on tumor cells – in other words, CBD can kill several tumor cells with a process known as apoptosis. CBD can also protect against cancer by its antioxidant activity.

You should also know, that the history of cancer research is filled with stories of how things work well in a laboratory or animal model but do not have a positive effect on human cancer. So – we are still waiting for more evidence.

At this time, there are no rational recommendations for using CBD to combat all forms of cancer


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