Causes of Air Conditioner That Is not Cold

Who does not know AC or air conditioner? In today’s technological age, an air conditioner has become a common electronic tool that is often found in homes, offices or even vehicles. Just like water in the middle of the desert, air conditioning amid hot weather is like a soothing oasis. So, if the weather outside is too hot, an air conditioner becomes the main solution. But, what if the air conditioner has been turned on but it still feels not cold? Some of the reasons will be discussed in the following. To be more certain, you can call a technician that knows about air conditioners like the Act Right Electrical and find out the cause.

– Filters dirty or clogged AC

Do not rush to suspect that your air conditioner is damaged! Check your AC filter first, is it dirty or maybe it’s clogged? Dirty and unkempt air conditioning is a common cause of air conditioning that is not cold. As a result, the performance of air conditioning in the indoor or outdoor have decreased. This can cause the room temperature to be not cold. If this happens to your air conditioner, clean the air conditioner routinely every 2-3 months so that the accumulation of dirt can be minimized.

– The amount of freon is reduced

Freon is the term of the liquid or gas charged to the AC system. In the AC system, there are various cycles that cause the freon fluid to undergo changes in form and temperature. This Freon will always circulate as long as the AC is turned on.
refill freon AC when AC is not cold

Thus, if the amount of freon circulating in the system decreases, then the ability to cool the air is also reduced, so that is perceived is the air conditioning air to be not cold. In addition, an insufficient amount of freon has the potential to cause the formation of an ice sheet on the air conditioner. Well, if the ice sheet is melted when the AC is off can also cause leakage in indoor AC. To find out if your freon air conditioner is sufficient or not, you can check with the manifold or freon pressure gauge.