Prostate massage therapy is a massage that is performed on the male prostate. This process is done by inserting the doctor’s finger into the patient’s rectum, to press or massage the prostate. As you probably know, the prostate gland is located in front of the rectum (rectum), between the bladder and the penis. Prostate massage is performed for medical or therapeutic needsĀ  relaxing full body massage to improve the quality of a person’s sexuality. However, research on prostate massage is still relatively small. Most of the claims of its benefits are still anecdotal (based on community reports), and come from small cases. Due to the lack of medical research related to prostate massage, this therapy is still controversial. You may also find it difficult to find a doctor who provides prostate massage therapy. However, if you simply want to get full-body massage therapy, you can simply go to the gold coast massage center.

Claims of benefits of prostate massage for patients

Although further medical studies are still needed, it is believed that prostate massage has the following benefits:

1. Reported to help clear the prostate tract

Prostate massage is thought to help clear the prostate duct. This channel flows between the prostate and the male reproductive and urinary systems. Massaging the prostate is believed to produce certain fluids, which then help clear the prostate duct.

2. Believed to overcome pain during ejaculation

Pain during ejaculation can occur due to obstructed reproductive tracts. Prostate massage therapy is believed to relieve the blockage of this fluid because it can clean the prostate duct.

3. Believed to help treat erectile dysfunction

These days, some men still choose prostate massage in combination with other erectile dysfunction treatment options. Other erectile dysfunction treatments include drugs, pumps, and implants.

4. Claimed to help improve urine flow

The prostate is a gland that surrounds the urethral tract. If there are swelling and inflammation of the prostate, this condition can interfere with or even obstruct the sufferer’s urine flow. If the prostate massage can be as expected and reduce swelling, the urine will flow more smoothly.

5. Believed to be able to overcome inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis)

In the past, prostate massage was the main treatment for prostatitis. However, for now, prostatitis treatment is as specialized as the use of antibiotics.

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