For a young woman, there are two things to note about breast cancer. It is true that a young woman has a lower risk of breast cancer than an older woman, but if a young woman actually has breast cancer, then this breast cancer will be more aggressive than breast cancer that occurs in women aged older. You can try naturaful breast enlargement cream right now.

Having a healthy lifestyle can help protect your breasts from the possibility of breast cancer. Below are some things you can do to help maintain your breast health.

– Exercise Regularly
Exercise for at least 45-60 minutes every day, 5 times a week. Exercising regularly can prevent the occurrence of various types of diseases because it can improve the function of the immune system, reduce the risk of obesity, and lower levels of the hormone insulin and estrogen.

– Reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages
Based on a study, consuming 2 drinks each day can increase the risk of breast cancer by 21%. Instead of consuming wine, it would be better if you consume fresh grapes. The skin of grapes contains resveratrol which can help lower estrogen levels, so it can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

– Increase Vegetable Consumption
A low-fat diet with lots of vegetables can reduce the risk of breast cancer. In addition, vegetables such as broccoli also contain sulforaphane that may help prevent the development of cancer cells in the body, especially when consumed in a raw state.

– Know your Family Health History
In about 15% of cases of breast cancer, patients also have other family members who have the same disease. If there are 2 people in your family who suffer from breast cancer, then your risk will increase up to 5 times.


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