Breaking Up while in Australia? It’s He Visa For You and Your Ex-Girlfriend!

If your relationship broke up within 2 years of a temporary visa, you need to notify the Australian immigration and border departments as soon as possible. The result will depend on the extent of your partner’s visa process. You may still be granted permanent residents if your relationship visa is terminated due to violence in your relationship, or there are a child either custody and access rights to you or your spouse. You will be directed by an authorized agent with the decision of the Migration Australia results as follows; Applying for a spouse’s visa, waiting for the couple’s (temporary) visa decision; in this case, your spouse’s visa application (temporary and permanent) will be rejected. In this case, the visa to bridge you will last for 28 days plus the notice period from the date of the decision. Applying for a spouse (temporary) visa, pending the visa of the spouse (permanent); application of permanent partner’s visa will be rejected. Your (temporary) spouse’s visa will be terminated immediately, but your connecting visa will last for 28 days plus the notice period after the decision.

In general, you may include your dependent child in your spouse’s visa application before you apply. If you are in Australia while applying for your spouse’s visa but your dependent child outside Australia, you will not be able to enter your child in your application. However, once you have been granted a temporary partner visa, your child may apply for the insured child’s visa. Insured children can be inserted into your partner’s visa after you have submitted it. If you apply for a spouse’s visa when you are out of Australia, your dependent child must be outside Australia as well as when you make an application to lodge them into your visa application. Similarly, if you are in Australia when applying for a spousal visa, the dependent child must also be in Australia at the time of submission.

If your child and your spouse are born after you have applied for a partner’s visa, under migration law, your child will be automatically included in your spouse’s visa application. However, you must notify the immigration and border departments in writing that a child has been born and include an official copy of the birth certificate so that the child will also be included in your visa application.