So far people buy espresso machines only based on desire, is the espresso machine suitable to fill their bar table, or whether the espresso machine we are going to buy can meet our customers’ coffee needs. Not a few who buy an espresso machine just from seeing the first impression that crosses their eyes, the latest product espresso machines are indeed designed mostly to spoil the eyes of the customer. How are the features of the espresso machine used, does it suit the needs of our coffee shop. For example, the indicator light feature on the espresso machine is by the existing lighting in our coffee shop. Because some light colors are not lighting friendly, this feature is also a consideration for choosing an espresso machine. So make sure you check all the options available at to get the best machine that will suit your needs.

It is necessary to create a list of questions to answer whether the espresso machine is suitable. And then answer yourself to make sure the espresso machine we are going to buy. For example, is the handle of the portafilter of the espresso machine, what when the portafilter is locked at the group head, and others around the group head. How far is the cup container from the spout on the portafilter, is it suitable for the cup we will use, and is the position of the switch button, is it comfortable when used for making espresso. This is not to determine whether or not an espresso machine is good, but to choose which one is suitable for our barista brewing style.

Of course, the most important of all considerations are the ingredients used to manufacture the espresso machine. In general, people will choose materials that are made from solid materials because this supports the physical resistance of the espresso machine. However, there are also parts such as the portafilter handle which are not made of solid material, or other features, these should also be considered. However, the body of the espresso machine will be better made of stainless steel than made of plastic. Consider the body material of the espresso machine before buying it.


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