The feet are the most important part of the body and require a lot of attention but they are often forgotten. To put it practically, the legs can carry the entire weight all the time. There is nothing wrong with being able to provide care for this part of the body. You can do a foot spa either do it yourself at home or be pampered with the facilities provided by the salon with professional therapists. Many people still don’t know the benefits of this foot spa. So, let’s look at the benefits of a foot spa or foot bath for beauty:

Healing back, cracked heels.
Before doing a series of treatments, the first thing to do is scrub your feet in water using a brush. Especially to make the heel soft and not chapped again, of course. This massage, which is done in warm water, pampers, and treats the cracked heel due to neglect.

Softens the legs
The best part about treating your heels is soaking them in warm water and getting a gentle massage. Not only that, there is a special moisturizer that is used during this foot spa treatment.

Relax and soothe tense muscles
This foot spa treatment helps in relaxing and calming tense muscles after doing various activities that have been done so far. Only when soaking in warm water, you can immediately feel the calmness of tired and sore feet with a warm and relaxed feeling. The advantage if it is done at home, you can enjoy it while watching TV or relaxing movies in the room.

Improve blood circulation
Foot spa can improve blood circulation in the body, especially in the calf and foot area. In addition, this treatment can help remove toxins from the body.

Moisturizes feet
The foot spa will moisturize and leave the skin healthy and soft. The alternative to pamper it is very easy, use aloe vera and honey. Both of these ingredients can provide care and nutrition to the feet and soften them.


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