Cats that are overweight and begin to show signs of obesity, slowly arouse anxiety for their caring owners. Initially, the cuteness of an ideal-bodied cat still attracted attention, overtime when the pet’s body swelled to become fat. can lead to conflicting assumptions. Obesity and obesity not only make cats lazy and reduce their daily mobility, several diseases can stalk a pet’s health. Cat owners who care about their health, most of them have started various ways to reduce animal obesity such as using cat hamster wheel because the ideal cat body can help them live longer as your best friend.

Overweight cats and obesity require a commitment to the serious attention of pet owners. Losing weight can be an unpleasant thing for some people who experience, the same thing will feel for cats. A cat that only weighs two kg more than its ideal size, actually already has a risk of health problems and disease susceptibility. Especially if the cat is obese, the condition will be even more dangerous in certain situations.

Overweight cats to obesity, have a 3 times greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes than cats with ideal weight cats. Another thing that comes without you knowing it for your cat’s health is an increase in heart disease and higher blood pressure. Fat cats who are not treated to lose weight often experience leg problems such as inflammation and injury. Another chronic disease that is no less dangerous is cancer. One of the other things obese cat owners can feel is that their activity starts to decline. Overweight cats will seem lazy to move and play, so they don’t interact with you and your family members.

The wrong way to regulate food for fat and obese cats is an improper diet. Pet owners who intentionally do not feed their cats for just two days in a row, liver disease can lurk them. This liver disease is popular with hepatic lipidosis. You can visit veterinarians in charge of veterinary clinics and hospitals to get details on their obesity treatment, especially for animals with a history of medical problems. In order to determine your cat’s ideal body weight balanced with appropriate calorie intake, you need an accurate count based on size to activity.


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