Avoid This If You Do Not Want to Look Fat!

Have you ever felt inferior because of choosing clothes? Instead of pulling, you look even look plump because of choosing the wrong model of clothes. The lack of knowledge in understanding the silhouette and body shape often makes women wear clothes not in accordance with their needs. Just because of the trend, women get caught in the wrong outfit selection. In order for you not to experience any more mistakes, you can visit le grossiste vetement.

Clothes that have a large plaid pattern can ruin the appearance. Although it looks stylish, this outfit actually only gives the impression of a wider hip a few inches. Instead, wear a neutral patterned skirt with regular colors. But if the boxes are one of your favorite motifs, you should choose a small pattern.

Horizontal motif gives the impression of body look bigger than actual. But if you like striped clothes, do not worry. You just need to change the direction of the vertical line to the opposite. That way produces a slim and high impression. It is recommended that you choose a classic combination of various color themes.

Too many decorations such as ruffles and tassels can create a larger body impression. Try to choose clothes that are minimal decoration and avoid clothes that have ruffles in the chest.

The wide horizontal line will only worsen your appearance. Especially if you wear it in bright colors, it will only make you look more formless. Instead, dress with a single color, small motif and wide belt at the waist instead will feature the best features on the waist and display a slim impression. Bright colors will bring the appearance of a woman much larger than the soft tone.

Do not use clothes with puffy detail and too much wrinkle. This will make the appearance too full and the body looks bigger. You may wear clothing with enough detail and color combinations.