According to the Integral Medical Center in London, the time is right for boys to be circumcised in the age range of 7-14 days. Likewise with several religions and cultures carry out the commandment of circumcision as an obligation, for example in Islam recommends circumcision from the age of 1 week. What is the reason why medical experts recommend that children be circumcised at infancy? Some experts say, in newborns around the age of one week, the blood that comes out during the circumcision process is still small. Also, when you are a baby, the formation of cells and tissues is growing rapidly. Besides, the pain you felt wasn’t too heavy either. At infancy, the risk of trauma from the circumcision process will not affect the child in the future. However, if you want to get circumcised as an adult man, we recommend you visit adult circumcision in melbourne.

Circumcision can be done at any time depending on the readiness of the parents and children. However, some risks may be experienced by the child if he was circumcised at an older age, such as the need for several stitches on the skin of the penis and the risk of bleeding during circumcision.

Circumcising boys when they are babies also cannot be done right away. The baby’s condition must be healthy, and the condition of his vital organs must be in stable condition.

Usually, doctors rarely perform circumcision for babies under five years of age for medical reasons. However, if there are certain conditions such as infection of the glands, phimosis, or there is scar tissue on the foreskin of the baby’s penis, then the baby is advised to undergo circumcision.

Although the process of circumcision is painful and thrilling circumcision has many benefits. One of them is to reduce the incidence of urinary tract infections (UTIs) in men. Uncircumcised children are 10 times more prone to urinary tract infections than circumcised children.

The benefits of circumcision also have an effect on adulthood, which is to further reduce the risk of penile cancer, although this disease is rare in circumcised or not. Several studies have also shown that circumcision affects resistance to sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV / AIDS.


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