Assisted Living Lincoln NE Assessment You Need to Know

Most assisted living Lincoln NE facilities will do an in-house assessment to know the condition of the senior, so they can choose what type of care is suitable for the individual resident. The assessment will vary depending on its facility. It will conduct follow-up needs assessments to determine that an existing care plan is working. This assessment will be performed when staff found there are worsening conditions or signs of changing in a resident and also a few of months.

Before you take your loved ones to assisted living, there are things you need to know about assisted living assessment.

Assisted Living Lincoln NE Assessment

1. Cognitive Condition
Assisted living Lincoln NE cognitive condition is the staff will assess mental and cognitive condition for a person, whether they are experiencing dementia or confusion. They to know the condition of residents if the elderly can follow instructions, prone to wandering off, suffers severe memory loss, or has any other issues.

2. Special Support
Special support can be assistance with oxygen, a special diet, or the need for staff to bring some meals and push their wheelchair.

3. Medical Needs
Assisted living Lincoln NE assessment is for medical needs. It is because many seniors have problems with their health, so the staff will want to know if there is high blood pressure, history of cancer, heart problems, past surgeries, lung conditions, and many more. The staff will look for hearing and vision problems and incontinence issues, so they can give the best care possible. It is also important for you to share medication list and prescriptions that need to be administered by an on-staff nurse.

4. Personal Care and Hygiene Needs
The staff will also need to know how much the resident when it comes to taking care of personal needs include getting dressed, showering, toileting, and other activities.

That’s all about the things you need to know about assessment in assisted living Lincoln NE. Hope it will be useful information.