All about Making Paved Roads

Smooth paved roads not only provide comfort for motorized vehicle users. Moreover, good road infrastructure will facilitate various business activities. You can visit our website by klikk her for å se.

As a first step, of course, mapping is held to determine the best path to use as a road. After that, the land owned by residents will be released which will be used in part or in full for the construction of road infrastructure. This stage is fairly difficult, requires a long time and requires a lot of money. The replacement value of land that is not agreed upon can make the land acquisition effort take a long time.

If the land that is included in the paved road making line has been released, then the land is cleared. The trees are cut down and the land surface is leveled. At this stage, various heavy equipment is deployed such as excavators to hoard or dig, dozers or bulldozers to level the ground and dump trucks to transport material.

The next stage is to add material to the road found in the form of river stones. In this stage, dump trucks are widely used. The material for this foundation is laid out in all the pathways that are to be built. Then flattened and compacted with a machine called a tandem roller.

If the road foundation is completely flat and dense, then the asphalt layer is given. Asphalt is heated first to melt and then poured onto the road surface using a tool called an asphalt finisher. This stage is not the last stage. The overlayed asphalt layer must still be compacted with a compactor. If it meets the expected density standard, then the final process is carried out, namely hardening and even distribution of the paved road surface using a static roller.

The type of asphalt used in the process of building paved roads, in general, is a type of artificial asphalt. For roads with high traffic volume and in hot climates, the type of artificial asphalt used is a type of low penetration asphalt 40/55. As for roads with low or medium volume traffic with cold climates, the type of artificial asphalt chosen is a type of high penetration 100/100 asphalt. Selection of the type of asphalt that matches the volume of traffic and weather will certainly make the road durable.