After you understand more about e-commerce, now it’s is the time to think about what business is right for you. If you are still confused, we suggest you join The Kibo Code Course right after you’ve read the kibo code reviews again to understand it better.

Here we present some recommendations for e-commerce that is almost without capital:

Become a Reseller or Dropshipper

Someone who sells the product again is called reseller. Meanwhile, a dropshipper is someone who sells other people’s things, but on behalf of himself or his account. Both are types of business where we sell goods using our names as if we own the goods, but the goods are owned and shipped by other parties. Of course, the price we set must be higher than the original for earning profits. One of the interesting things about the dropshipper business is that we don’t need to provide stock to be able to start our own business. This means we may save some budget and we don’t need a capital beforehand. To do this, find items to sell, then create an account to sell on e-commerce sites or marketplaces. Or, we can also use social media to sell. Finally, promote the products we sell. Easy, right?

Providing Entrusted Services

Apart from being a reseller or dropshipper, surely we often see social media accounts that offer entrusted services.

The entrusted service is one of the breakthroughs in doing e-commerce without capital by offering shopping. We will be paid more for purchasing others’ things. From that point, we will get a profit as a profit edge or administration charge. It’s simple, we simply need to go to shopping focuses, at that point take photographs of the things we need to sell, at that point transfer them to social media. That way, people will be able to see what items we sell.

Become an Influencer

Where can the e-commerce profession without capital make money or profit? Of course, from getting the endorsement of the product he is promoting. Once endorsed, we can get a big income.


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