Advantages and Disadvantages of Screen Printing Using Plolyflex Materials

In today’s digital era almost all business fields are beginning to use tools and ways that are more modern and practical. No exception in the business of screen printing business, especially with the media cloth or screen printing garment t shirt printing . The tight competition and demand to save time in the process of making the entrepreneurs switch to an easier way. One example is a manual screen printing that still uses liquid or rubber paint that began to be abandoned.

Indeed, not all screen printing entrepreneurs abandon the way of screen printing manually but some of them began to switch to more modern ways such as screen printing DTG (Direct To Garment) as well as Polyflex printing. On this occasion, we will not compare these types of screen printing but we will specifically review about Polyflex printing. Ie about the advantages and disadvantages of screen printing using Polyflex materials. If you look at today’s trends, the screen prints you see have their own uniqueness, from material to design. The best screen printing shirts are only in t shirt printing.

Is a Polyflex Screen or who often also mention the screen printing for the ball jersey is a few years later was booming. Now Polyflex screen printing is not only used on jersey media but also used on t-shirts, jackets, bags, hats and other media made from cloth. Making Polyflex screen printing is not as complicated as manual screen printing and is even very easy. We only need a computer to make designs and cutting machines to print designs and heat press machines to attach them. As an illustration of Polyflex silk screening process, we give a little explanation. You can make Polyflex printing design using computer or laptop media with the help of design software like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. After the design is made next is to print the design using a digital cutting machine or better known as a cutting sticker machine. After the cutting process is complete then you will get the results of the design that was made. But the cutting itself is not directly shaped according to the design made. All you have to do is peel the cutting results slowly until leaving the design only.

After the cutting that has been exfoliated and shaped like that in want now is time to paste the Polyflex material to the desired media using Heat Press machine. Finally, if the pressing process is finished then let the first pressed media in a few moments until cool to glue contained in Polyflex material really adhesive tightly on the media. After the cold then you begin to peel the clear layer on Polyflex earlier.