Adding a garage in a minimalist house

A car garage in every home will give a more elegant impression on a house. That means every house that owns a car garage seems to have more value, even when you are going to buy a housing, for example, you are looking for a house nearby, if the house has a garage then the price of the house will be higher than the houses on generally. Meanwhile, you can visit to learn more things about your garage.

So, for those of you who are interested to insert a garage room of the house that you will build, you need to pay attention to the following things:

Garage size

Size used to make a garage is certainly tailored to the type of vehicle you have or can be made more widely than the vehicle you have. Because if at any time you change your mind and want to replace your car with a larger size you still can to keep using your car garage. This is done to anticipate the problem so that the cost incurred is not too big then you have to change the size of your garage at any time. the area of land for storing large private vehicles is about 3m x 6m.

The use of doors in the garage

To anticipate the limited land you have you can use a vertical door that is pulled up. That way, you will be able to save more land to be used as another room.

The cost of making a garage

Equally important, the cost budget to be spent to build a garage needs to be considered in order to make garage unimpressed so it takes a large enough costly budget to design the garage of the solid foundation of the building.

Car garage position

If you have the initiative to build a garage in front of the house, the position of the garage is attempted not to cover access in and out of your home. Or you can put the edge of the house so as not to block out the front view of your home. Pay attention to ventilation and lighting in this garage space so the room is not damp.