Adapting can be difficult after a divorce

Losing a couple due to death or divorce poses a problem for the couple themselves. This is more difficult, especially for women. A woman divorced by her husband will experience profound loneliness. For divorced women, social problems are more difficult to overcome than for divorced men. It’s because divorced women tend to be excommunicated from social activities, and those who suffer more are often abandoned by old friends. However, if a divorced or a divorced man will experience a chaotic pattern of life (Hurlock, 1996). In the meantime, you can also hire Cairns Family Lawyers for your divorce trial.

Some individuals can never adjust to divorce. The individual reacts to his divorce by experiencing deep depression and deep sadness, even in some cases, to the stage of suicide. However, not all divorced couples end up with hostility. Some of them still remain friends and maintain relationships with other parties through the same interests towards their children.

Hozman and Froiland (in Hurlock, 1996) explain the difficulties and complexities of adjustment after divorce. They divide the 5 stages of adjustment after the adjustment is

deny that there is a divorce,

arise anger where each individual does not want to get involved,

by reason of their child’s consideration trying not to divorce,

they experience mental depression when they know the overall effect of divorce on the family,

and finally, they agree to divorce.

The impact of divorce, in particular, is very influential on children. This fact is often forgotten by couples who want to divorce (Papalia & Diane, 2001). Divorce causes a problem of adjustment for children. The situation of divorce, especially if the children see that their family life has been so happy, can be a cognitive disruptive situation.

The period when divorce occurs is a critical period for children, especially regarding the relationship with parents who live together. At this time the child must begin to adapt to the changes in his new life. Adaptation process generally takes time.

But many women and men feel lucky with divorce, with the understanding that divorce gives them the opportunity to start a new life (Hurlock, 1996). Hetherington et al (Hurlock, 1996), explains that divorced couples generally expect lessened pressure and conflict to enjoy greater freedom and will find their own happiness.