About Me


There are some who say that writing is one of the drawbacks for people who cannot convey their ideas by talking. Writing is associated with introverts, though not always wrong. Perhaps this assumption applies in the past when not many people who give their ideas through writing. Some will be considered strange because it always gives ideas in the form of writing, except for those who have a job as a writer.

But times have changed. In the digital age of information, as it is now, writing is becoming commonplace. Spreading information through writing is a new trend. Moreover, the internet more easily found, making it easier for people to share information. Although the information is more easily shared in the form of video, but still requires a lot of devices. While writing just needs a finger nimble typing on the keyboard and ideas are ready to be removed from the head.

My name is Rebecca W Scott. I like to write for a long time. At first, I do not really like to write, even quite difficulty stringing sentences. But because I have to get used to writing, I finally cannot get out of this activity. Then I combine the advantages of the era of modern technology with the ability to write until this blog appears.

The blog I wrote contains a lot of information. Such information is needed by many people from various countries. Those who have internet access can find this blog easily. Because of the many topics I wanted to write, I ended up grouping into five broad categories: health, entertainment, technology, lifestyle, and finance. I have asked some questions to some people to do the survey. Finally, I decided to divide the five categories.

I have hope this blog can be useful for people. You can use the ‘search’ feature and enter certain keywords to make article searching easier. If you would like to ask more about a particular article, you can contact me by e-mail. Happy blog walking!