The workplace is a hotbed of stress and sometimes, the source comes from your work habits. So many people switch to working in a coworking space near me. Without you knowing it, you might have created excessive work pressure that causes stress with one of the habits below coworking space pune.

1. Postpone the Job

The solution: If you feel your task is too difficult or too much to do, try breaking it into small pieces and doing it one by one. One universal trick you can try is to set a deadline that is earlier than the original deadline.

2. Demand Perfection

The solution: Instead of torturing yourself because of a point that you feel is imperfect, why not focus on your efforts or colleagues completing tasks well and other aspects that you should be proud of? Remember, you are not the only one who can judge the quality of your work and everyone has different standards.

3. Confirm all work given to you

The solution: If you cannot refuse directly, negotiate the amount of workload or deadline, especially if the work bestowed on you is not your responsibility.

4. Too Resigned to the Ideal Working Conditions

The solution: Everyone certainly has different priorities, but if your physical and mental health starts to be disrupted because the work environment is not supportive, try approaching the HR department to discuss serious issues. Nobody requires you to continue working amid poor working conditions.

5. Overthinking

The solution: We understand that you want to make the right decision like the perfectionist at number 2. If you have done sufficient preparation and research, make sure that you have made the right choice at that time. After the project or task is completed, stop thinking about things that cannot be repeated because they will only add unnecessary stress. You may reflect on mistakes to be learned as experiences, but don’t let you not be able to move on.

6. Less Proactive

The solution: What do you want, go for it. Sometimes, no one will offer it to you if you don’t actively pursue it. Just remember you also have to be prepared with evidence that it’s time you get a raise or be promoted.


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