Currently, there are various ways to wash a car in a public wash. Some are automatic or use machines best waterless car wash, some are manual or use human power. Indeed, washing a car in a car wash is more efficient in terms of energy, money, and time. And doing maintenance in the car detailing los angeles can be your choice.

For those of you who want to spend time washing your car, there are the following benefits.

1. Anti-beret
By washing your car, you can use a cleaning tool that is safe for cars. From a separate sponge to a microfiber cloth that absorbs water to dry the car.

2. Pressure is appropriate
If you wash the car yourself, the water pressure can be adjusted. It doesn’t matter if you use the water that comes out of the house’s faucet because there is no pressure. For those of you who have a compressor, before spraying a car, check the pressure first by spraying water on your hands. When sick, of course, the water pressure is very strong.

3. The right soap
You never know what brand or type of shampoo is used in a public washing place, whether by machine or by human power. The most important thing is that the car can be clean. Shampoos that are not meant for cars and have an unbalanced pH can strip the color of your car.

4. How to wash the car properly
In public car washes, especially those using hydraulics, the car will be washed from the bottom up. The bottom of the car is certainly the dirtiest part. The correct way to wash a car is from top to bottom. Not only that, each part is cleaned with a different sponge, the bucket is different, to ensure that dirt doesn’t spread all over the car body.

5. Memorize car parts
This is the main reason why it’s best to wash your car. You get closer to the car and memorize every part of it. So if there is damage, abrasions, or dents on a car part, you know immediately. Likewise with the interior, for comfort while inside, you will keep it clean by not leaving food traces because it can invite cockroaches, not drinking because spilled liquids can cause spots on the seats and even damage to instruments, to clean the engine room.

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