3 Myths about weight lifting that you should never believe

Believe it or not, there are many “facts” about weight training that are not really factual than the idea that the earth is flat. Yes, these myths often create misperceptions among gym goers. With the wrong understanding, you can do the exercises by mistake too. For that to not happen, let us examine the facts behind the following misconception. Meanwhile, you can also try sarms ostarine to improve the result of your weight lifting exercise.

1. Myth: Lactic Acid Causes Muscle Fatigue

The Origins of Myth: Research did nearly a hundred years ago in frog muscles (yes, frogs!) Found that lactic acid levels in muscle increased fatigue.

Fact: Lactic acid increases with muscle fatigue because it gives fuel to muscle contraction. This causes a burning sensation in your muscles. But, the liver also converts lactic acid into energy.

So, this compound actually helps offset the fatigue. Muscle fatigue is triggered by the accumulation of protons in the muscles caused by the breakdown of glycogen, the carbohydrate reserves that energize the exercise.

2. Myth: Safer If Lifting Weights Slowly

The Origins of Myth: In the rehabilitation phase, patients are required to perform slow-motion movements with the aim of retraining their bodies in order to smoothly move. Finally, some trainers assume that exercise slowly reduces the risk of injury.

Fact: As long as you have control over your movement, you will not be injured. If necessary, if you are not injured, train your movements quickly. This helps to train the muscles to react quickly to unexpected situations just like in the real world. It actually helps to protect you from injury.

3. Myth: Light Load and Repetition Helps To Affirm Muscles

The Origins of Myth: Bodybuilders have long used light loads and high repetition sets weeks before the race. They found that the more reps performed, the more calories and fat burned.

Fact: Bodybuilders always balance this kind of exercise with low-carb and controlled calorie diets, which is a quick way to get rid of fat.

Meanwhile, the muscles are firmly dependent on the fat content and the development of your muscles. So, do not expect to get a firm muscle through the exercise above if your body fat levels are still high.