3 Important Phases in Creating an Event

In making an event, of course, event planning tips is the main thing. Before going further in planning to make the event, there are 6 basic thinking that we must meet first is What, When, Where, Who, Why and How. We have to know how to create an event like what, when and where the place, who is the target of our audience, why we make the event and how to package the event well. In the planning phase, there are some things that we must plan as best as possible. For example like how the idea and concept of the event, also cost planning. Research also be important before you create an event. The goal of the event that we will make can be as creative and as good as possible. Not only be a makeshift event but also an event that can be useful and interesting for the visitors who attend.

The second phase is Preparation Phase. Preparation after planning is the second major thing in making an event. Things to be prepared include examples such as sponsorship and design. Sponsorship in an event becomes an important thing because it can support the funding and promotion of the event. The more sponsors we can get, the bigger the events we can make. To get even sponsors, we are required to be able to make a proposal as interesting and creative as possible. In order for the sponsor, candidates are interested to sponsor the event that we will make. In making the event, the design is also not less important. The poster design of a unique and creative show can attract as many visitors as possible. Especially if the show is also interesting. In fact, the design stage and place of the event can also be a special experience for visitors. It would be nice if it came to an event that the design of the place is unique and unusual!

The last phase is not less important. The Day and Post Event Phase. The Day phase is where the event begins. Here may be many obstacles that do not match the same expectations, but if the planning and preparation are already 100% surely the show will go as smoothly as possible. That means, back again to the planning and preparation that must be thought out as possible, especially for ideas and the concept of the event. If the Post Event is the last phase of the event is over. In this phase, the activity is usually an evaluation.