3 First steps in dealing with the PR crisis

Public relations (PR) crises can attack your company in various forms, from posting content on social media to products deemed “flawed” by customers. Regardless of the scale of the mistakes made, the Public Relations Firms crisis will certainly affect the image and reputation of the company. At times like this, you are required to deploy the best communication skills in order to overcome the public relations crisis

Here are the first 3 steps that you need to take:

1. Admit the mistakes that have been made

The first thing you have to do once the PR crisis happens is to acknowledge the mistakes the company has made. Do not be silent or give a slow response, because it will make customers angrier. Form a special internal team to deal with the media, both offline and online. This team will analyze keywords, articles, and conversations, in social media intensely to find out what the public response to the problem is and the impact it has on your brand.

2. Emphasizing the company’s positive track record

When dealing with a crisis, it is important for you to connect situations with specific contexts to help you protect your long-term reputation. This strategy has been well done by Virgin Trains. In 2007, Virgin Trains crashed in Cumbria. Through one of the television interviews, Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin Group, said, “I’ve been in the transport business for almost 25 years. We have hauled in half a million passengers and this has never happened before. It’s inconceivable how our customers feel right now. “

3. Appoint a person to be a spokesperson

As mentioned earlier, communication becomes crucial in overcoming the public relations crisis. The public is definitely waiting for you to issue an official statement related to the matter. Therefore, appoint someone to become a company spokesperson. This may be more difficult for large companies, but it is key to addressing the PR crisis. However, make sure that the spokesperson understands the circumstances so that he/she can deal with the various responses and questions well.