Year: 2017

Put Wall Art In The Room To Turn On The Atmosphere

Working requires motivation. This can be achieved by installing wall art with inspiring words in it, containing sentences that add morale or otherwise sentences. To add a nice atmosphere you can also put abstract paintings with geometric shapes that are not too assertive. Use a minimalist or contemporary style frame […]

Should I choose the headphone based on its type?

Since you want best headphones, doing the research becomes a must, right? Yes, some people recognize that good headphones must have strong bass. Regardless of the purpose of buying the headphone, there are some crucial factors to take into consideration when seeking a pair of headphone for your needs and […]

Travel Management Mountain Climbing Needs to Know

The success of mountain climbing can be supported by proper travel management. For those of you beginners who have never climbed a mountain at all. Or never follow the basic education of mountain climbing. Travel management includes; Travel Planning, Equipment Selection, Logistics, Packing, Rural Sociology and Outdoor Leadership. Plan your […]